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Simicska’s ’atom bomb’ attack is off?

March 30th, 2018

A liberal commentator suggests that widespread speculation about Lajos Simicska holding a decisive trump card against the government that he would put on the table to cause devastating damage to PM Orbán before the election, was a case of wishful thinking.

On Index, András Dezső is certain that party financing in Hungary is a murky business and thus Lajos Simicska who was responsible for Fidesz party finances for 25 years, must be the depository of significant secrets. Nevertheless, four years after he broke with the Prime Minister, he still hasn’t come forward with anything substantial he might have in his archives or his memory. Dezső calls the few corruption allegations that have been leaked to the media outlets owned by Mr Simicska (see e.g.  BudaPost, March 28) rather as smoke bombs and concludes by saying that real catharsis cannot be expected from them, since all this is just shooting blanks’. 

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