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Momentum to register as a party and run for Parliament

As the Momentum movement turns into a political party, one pro-government and one liberal columnist accuse it of arrogant rhetoric and inability to come up with a credible political vision.

Present left-wing parties deemed hopeless

Left-liberal analysts excoriate the competing left-wing parties and believe that something different has to emerge because in their present state, these forces are no match for the governing conservatives.

Opposition losing ground before the election run-up

Various commentators – including even some who otherwise deem the government’s performance appalling – believe that the opposition hardly stands a chance at the elections scheduled for next spring.

Divided opposition uniting for October 23

A leading liberal commentator believes that the joint celebration of the anniversary of the 56 revolution is just window-dressing, with the main opposition forces intending to ignore the leaders of minor groupings, while claiming the votes of their followers.

A left-wing criticism of the left

A young alternative left-wing activist accuses the main left-wing parties of betraying Social Democratic principles. He recommends that they adopt the values of the Western anti-capitalist left, rather than sticking to what he calls their current ‘neoliberal’ principles.

Bajnai’s new party loses an ally

Left-wing commentators agree that Milla had good reasons not to join Gordon Bajnai’s new party, but their decision is yet another sign of how difficult it is for centre-left organizations and splinter parties to join forces.

LMP splits over co-operation with Bajnai and Co.

A leading LMP member suggests in a right wing paper that other political forces are at work behind the internal tensions in his party, while a centre-left commentator writes that the LMP’s plans to steer towards the political centre are understandable but unrealistic.

Cracks in opposition cooperation

Left-wing and liberal commentators ponder the chances of Together 2014 after its failure to unite the opposition parties. Will it eventually split? And does Gordon Bajnai still stand any chance of becoming Orbán's challenger at the next election?

Two weeks of student unrest: a political turning point?

Left-wing analysts suggest that the student demonstrations of the last two weeks have signalled the beginning of the end for the governing right wing. A conservative pundit suspects that left wing forces are trying to manipulate the student movement.

Government to rewrite higher education reform

In the wake of a week-long series of student protests, the main pro-government daily urges new policy priorities.