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Momentum to register as a party and run for Parliament

March 9th, 2017

As the Momentum movement turns into a political party, one pro-government and one liberal columnist accuse it of arrogant rhetoric and inability to come up with a credible political vision.

After announcing plans to relaunch the Momentum group as a political party, András Fekete-Győr, the leader of the movement said that he wants to position his party in the centre. He accused both the Right and the Left of polarizing the country. That had resulted in widespread political apathy in the country, he said, which it would be Momentum’s task to overcome.

Magyar Idők’s Dávid Megyeri thinks that Momentum’s rhetoric is no different from that of the failed left-wing movements launched in the past eight years. Although according to one poll, Momentum’s support stands at 1 per cent, the party is extremely arrogant and looks down on voters, the pro government commentator contends. Megyeri predicts that Momentum will not be any more successful than the previous left-wing initiatives which started out as civil movements.

In Heti Világgazdaság, Árpád W. Tóta finds Momentum’s messages full of hot air. The liberal commentator known for his tough opinions claims that centrist ideology and promises to overcome traditional divides in politics are worn-out political commonplaces. Commenting on Momentum’s ideas on the health care system and education, Tóta claims that they are copy-pasted from the program of the left-wing parties. While Momentum proposes no original ideas whatsoever, Tóta concludes, it is even more arrogant than the mainstream Left.