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Jewish magazine criticises liberals for opposing Rogán’s presence at anti-racist rally

Szombat (Sabbat) magazine welcomes the presence of Fidesz floor leader Antal Rogán at the demonstration organised in the wake of another anti-Semitic Speech by a far-right MP. (See BudaPost, November 28, 29, and December 1.) The Jewish magazine deplores the fact that some left-liberal authors oppose Mr Rogán’s presence.

Gyurcsány’s dilemma

A columnist writing in Hungary's main left-leaning daily believes that Ferenc Gyurcsány will soon have to make a hard decision and step back, since his presence may weaken the chances of a wide left-wing coalition which will attempt to replace the Orbán government at the 2014 election.

Commentators weigh up the weaknesses of opposition and government

Analysts are busy assessing how much credibility the government has lost due to its two successive adjustment packages, and whether the divided opposition will be able to  capitalize on the Prime Minister’s supposed weakening.

More doubtful reactions to Gordon Bajnai’s comeback

A libertarian columnist thinks the opposition is not ready to introduce measures that would save the country. Therefore Bajnai will be their hostage. A centrist analyst says Bajnai has no other choice than to take the opportunity of an opposition rally to present himself. A former Free Democrat party chairman ...

Opposition divided over united demonstration on October 23rd

A left-wing commentator argues that the October 23rd demonstration is too important to be boycotted by any anti-Fidesz group or voter. A pro-government analyst concludes that this demonstration is the work of bickering intellectual groups who cannot prove to voters their ability to govern the country.

A liberal explanation of the weakness of the opposition

A liberal commentator worries that a two-party system is solidifying, with the MSZP as the counterpart of Fidesz, and both wanting basically the same thing: popular measures, at whatever cost.

NGO leader against MSZP domination on the left

The leader of the Milla movement says a new pole should be set up within the opposition. He agrees that the left wing should form an alliance at the next election, but does not want that alliance to be ruled by the Socialist Party.

The dilemmas of the LMP

Commenting on the re-election of the LMP floor leader, and the party's decision not to join anti-Jobbik demonstrations, left-wing pundits wonder if the green party will and can maintain its centrist image.

Weaknesses of the opposition, i.a. on Azerbaijan

Commentators argue that the left-of-centre opposition in Hungary is fragmented, and despite some hopes to the contrary, LMP and MSZP remain unlikely allies. Civic organizations offer no alternatives. They have also failed to perform well in condemning the diplomatic blunder caused by the transfer of a convicted Azeri murderer to ...

Are vocal advocates of press freedom practising censorship?

A right-wing commentator finds it disgusting that the anti-government movement called 'One Million for Press Freedom' (Milla) has managed to prevent the broadcast of a documentary series on the Gypsies on Hungarian Public Television.