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Dániel should apologise to prostitutes as well

Péter Dániel, a left-wing activist has apologized for labelling Mária Wittner, a victim of the post-1956 purges, “a cheap prostitute”. A left-wing commentator suggests that the memories of actual hookers who became martyrs of the revolution should also be respected.

Weeklies on discord within the opposition over proposals to scrap the 2011 constitution

Commentators across the political spectrum wonder whether, if they win the election next April, the opposition could or would revoke the Fundamental Law - even in the absence of the required two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Democratic Coalition and Jobbik conclude primary pact

Jobbik’s former leader explains the reasons behind such a surprising alliance, while a conservative pundit accuses Jobbik of betraying its origins. A leftist commentator lambasts Jobbik and Karácsony for supporting a Socialist candidate accused of corruption.

Weighing the chances of the opposition alliance in 2022

Commentators from across the political spectrum consider that while Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony could be the strongest candidate for the opposition in the 2022 parliamentary election, he might be defeated by the Democratic Coalition’s Klára Dovrev in the primary election this autumn.

Diplomatic row between Hungary and Germany over the sacking of a coach

he German Foreign Ministry has rejected Hungarian protests against the sacking of a Hungarian football coach in Berlin. Commentators’ opinions diverge on the rights and wrongs, but even opposition leaning columnists tend to believe that firing the coach was a disproportionate punishment.

Weeklies on Fidesz’s future outside the People’s Party

Although Fidesz has only left the People’s Party group within the European Parliament, weeklies take it for granted that it will also leave the European Christian democratic alliance itself. They wonder what comes next.

Row over law of conditionality EU deal rumbles on

Commentators on Left and Right ponder the broader implications of the EU’s rule of law conditionality. Most importantly, they try to gauge how and when it could be used against Hungary.

Hungary and Poland refuse to back down

A liberal analyst thinks that Prime Minister Orbán miscalculated his chances of success when he opted for a head-on collision with the most influential European governments over plans to make EU financial transfers conditional on respect for the rule of law. A pro-government commentator, on the other hand, believes that ...

Conflicting takes on Hungary’s coronavirus balance sheet

Left-wing and liberal commentators accuse the government of risking the lives of Hungarians by mishandling the coronavirus epidemic. Pro-government columnists, on the other hand, dismiss such criticism as fear-mongering demagoguery.

Weeklies on EU recovery fund deal

The weeklies, and the weekend editions of the dailies ponder the broader implications of the EU recovery fund and the next 7 year budget. Liberal analysts see it as a step towards a more unified Europe, while a Marxist philosopher interprets it as the end of the European dream. Conservative ...