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Péter Magyar mainly draws supporters from opposition parties – for the moment

April 10th, 2024

Commentators disagree on Magyar’s chances of luring Fidesz voters to his camp.

Mandiner’s Dániel Kacsoh ridicules Péter Magyar’s claim that he has personally spoken to thousands of disenchanted Fidesz faithful. Kacsoh claims that Fidesz followers react with anger to Magyar’s new role as the main critic of the government and consider him a traitor. He is simply dividing the opposition cake into more slices, Kacsoh suggests.

On Telex, Tamás Fábián acknowledges that core Fidesz supporters ‘cannot be easily moved’. However, he quotes opinion polls showing that hundreds of thousands of fringe Fidesz voters have turned their backs on Fidesz as a result of the paedophile pardon scandal. Nevertheless, Fábián thinks if Magyar wants to be a serious challenge to PM Orbán, his movement must first become the strongest opposition force.

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