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Péter Magyar accused of launching baseless accusations

March 22nd, 2024

Pro-government commentators describe the new opposition star as an unserious person who will do harm to the opposition.

Péter Magyar the divorced husband of former Justice Minister Judit Varga was interviewed by prosecutors on Wednesday concerning his accusations that senior government figures were behind the corruption case involving the chairman of the Chamber of Judicial Officers and Ms Varga’s deputy (see BudaPost, December 10, 2021). He claimed that they had access to the files of the prosecution and altered their content. Mr Magyar told prosecutors that he had made audio recordings proving his case and would submit them next week. Fidesz floor leader Máté Kocsis  branded him an offended ex-husband who throws around baseless accusations because he was left by his wife and lost the jobs he owed to her influence.

Mandiner carries two parallel columns on the case. Mátyás Kohán writes that the solid Fidesz block could only be beaten in an election by a vast and united opposition, but Mr Magyar is not the kind of person who could unite the disparate left-liberal forces. On the contrary, he adds, he has already clashed with several well-known left-wing personalities, accusing them of being the government’s agents.

On the same webpage, Dániel Deák deems it telling that Mr Magyar’s  accusations have not been substantiated by evidence. That indicates, he suggests, that the latest opposition hero is an unserious person. That he is seen as a messiah by so many, he writes, signals a deep crisis on the opposition side.

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