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Deputy Justice Minister accused of taking bribes

December 10th, 2021

As Deputy Justice Minister Pál Völner steps down after being accused by the Prosecution Service of taking bribes, a left-wing commentator suspects that his case will frighten other Fidesz politicians.

On Tuesday, the Prosecution Service asked Parliament to withdraw Deputy Justice Minister Pál Völner’s immunity. They suspect him of taking bribes in exchange for favours to the Chairman of the Chamber of Judicial Officers who is under arrest and investigation. Pál Völner denies wrongdoing but has resigned. Government politicians said Völner’s case shows that Hungarian jurisdiction is impartial.

Népszava’s Zoltán Botka writes that the move by the Prosecution against Völner is a shocking blow for Fidesz. The left-wing columnist speculates that other corrupt ‘Fidesz cadres’ who until now thought that their party would protect them to save face, will now have reason to fear. Botka speculates that Fidesz would have preferred to defend Völner and postpone the investigation at least until the April election, but this time they failed, although he cannot tell why.

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