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Mutual recriminations around Baja video

A liberal columnist suggests that if Fidesz wins the 2014 Parliamentary elections, its victory cannot be seen as legitimate. A pro-government commentator compares the Socialists to the former Communist Party for staging a video in order to accuse the governing party of electoral fraud.

Awkward damage control at the MSZP over forged video affair

A young and irreverent commentator urges the leaders of the Socialist Party to resign because of their amateurish handling of the Baja electoral video scandal.

Conservative bill to penalise political video hoaxes

A moderate legal analyst opposes a bill tabled by four pro-government MPs with the intention of deterring potential copy-cat stunts based on the ill-famed forged electoral video from Baja.

Baja-gate rolls on

According to a conservative columnist, evidence suggests that the staged Baja video tape was commissioned by the Socialist party. Népszava accuses the pro-government media of exaggerating the issue, while Népszabadság, the leading left-wing daily, welcomes the opposition parties’ decision to distance themselves from the individuals involved in the fabrication.

Roma vote: new video raises questions

After a video surfaced showing Roma men exchanging money for votes in an apartment, centrist commentators question the credibility of the footage while left-liberal columnists lament the fact that the Hungarian Roma sell their votes because they see no other opportunity in politics.

Baja by-election: Fidesz wins, amidst mutual recriminations

A left-wing daily says the close call can be interpreted as a success for, as well as a threat to Fidesz in 2014, while a liberal commentator thinks the difference in votes is less important than the unprecedented “show of force” on the ground by Fidesz activists. A pro-government daily, ...

Borókai calls on Fidesz to confess Baja guilt

A leading pro-government columnist urges the ruling party to admit its guilt in breaking campaign rules during the Baja local by-election, as nothing is more important for a party than being trustworthy.

Left-wing ruminations on the Baja by-election

Left-wing commentators accuse Fidesz of election fraud after the Baja local by-election results in one sub-district were scrapped by the court. They also claim that the new electoral law will allow the manipulation of results at the 2014 Parliamentary election.

Baja by-election – accusations

A liberal weekly suggests it should not have come as a surprise that Lungo Drom activists drove Roma voters to the booths. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand, finds the allegation the apogee of a smear campaign that is a small-scale rehearsal for the real thing in 2014.

Weeklies on left-wing infighting

Left-wing analysts fear fatal consequences for the left after the mutual recriminations during and after the joint opposition rally on October 23rd . Right-wing commentators say the reason is that the Left has nothing to say about the main problems of our age.