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MSZP accused of spreading fake news

A pro-government commentator mocks the opposition for not even being able to forge proper fake videos.

MSZP keeps anathema on Gyurcsány – for now

A pro-government daily describes Socialist Party chairman Attila Mesterházy as a leader who is unable to get rid of “the shades of the past”, including two of his predecessors, as well as Mr Gyurcsány and Mr Bajnai.

Mixed reactions to local election results in Tiszavasvári

A pro-government columnist says the election result shows Fidesz still has a strong backing, while the leading left-wing paper describes the alleged fraud in Tiszavasvári as a foretaste of how Fidesz intends to run elections in general. A centre-right analyst says the Tiszavasvári result foreshadows a possible political landscape where ...