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PM Cameron’s visit to Hungary

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Commenting on the meeting of the two prime ministers, a left-wing columnist cautions against hoping that the UK and Hungary are becoming strategic allies in reforming the EU. A conservative commentator dares to believe that Hungary can become an important player in revamping the Union. READ MORE

St Stephen’s Day ruminations on the nation state and the state of the nation

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

A conservative columnist contends that the future of the country and Europe depends on the nation state and the maintenance of Christian roots. A left-wing commentator finds it sad that Hungary has become polarized along ideological lines. READ MORE

For and against the federalization of the EU

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

As the European Parliament returns for its first plenary session, a conservative columnist argues that further centralization would entrench the problems of the EU and increase its democratic deficit. A liberal commentator, on the other hand, believes that the success of European countries depends on further integration. READ MORE

Romania 3, Hungary 0 – the political overtones

Monday, September 9th, 2013

A pro-government paper criticizes The New York Times for overemphasizing the tension caused by extremist Hungarian fans, or ultras, without reporting on similar incidents on the Romanian side. The leading left-wing Hungarian daily reminds readers that no one outside Hungary expected the national team to win and the government was rather late in warning Hungarian fans to abstain from wrongdoing. A transborder Hungarian writer describes how harmful the ultra’s behaviour will be for Hungarians in Transylvania. READ MORE

Romanian-Hungarian relations at record low

Monday, August 19th, 2013

A left-wing analyst says the protagonists of last week’s angry exchanges all need the conflict to boost their own political plans, but transborder Hungarians in Romania are the ones who will suffer. A liberal columnist, on the other hand, criticizes MSZP leader Attila Mesterházy for reacting to Băsescu’s statement with outrage instead of regarding it as a criticism aimed at PM Orbán. A centre-right columnist from Romania finds it strange that other transborder Hungarians, such as the Hungarians of Slovakia, are much less concerned with their own minority status than Hungarians in Transylvania. READ MORE

Transborder Hungarians on Băsescu’s harsh words

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Hungarian commentators in Transylvania paint a gloomy picture of the inter-ethnic landscape in Romania, after President Băsescu called Hungary a hotbed of ethnic instability and threatened to ban Fidesz’s annual summer “Free University”. READ MORE

Liberal author condemns left-liberal hysteria over traditional Hungarian themes

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

A former liberal MP warns left-wingers that by systematically rejecting romantic nationalist symbols they frame themselves as enemies of national traditions and values. READ MORE

Trianon day

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Commentators disagree on what lessons to draw from the post-World War I peace treaty.  The interpretation of national history has always been one of the main dividing issues between left and right in Hungary. READ MORE

CocaCola – a Hungarian product

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

A left wing daily pokes fun at the government’s efforts to sort foodstuffs according to their national character, and thinks it would be more useful to label the regional or local origins. READ MORE

Socialists accused of transborder vote hunting

Friday, January 18th, 2013

A pro-government columnist criticizes the Socialists for establishing institutional ties with the main Hungarian party in Romania. She suggests that the MSZP is motivated purely by the importance of transborder voters at the next Parliamentary elections. READ MORE