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Civilizational stakes at the 2018 election

February 8th, 2018

A pro-government pundit thinks that the April election will determine Hungary’s ‘civilizational path’. Voters need to decide if they want strong nation states, Christian values and traditional families – or the opposite.

Magyar Idők’s editor-in-chief Ottó Gajdics contends that the April Parliamentary election will involve decisions on immense civilizational matters. The pro-government columnist thinks that the most important fault-lines in the campaign are related to broad civilizational issues including the role of religion and the nation, rather than more mundane, day-to day matters like health care, pensions and taxes. Voters in April will choose between parties that advocate a strong nation state, the maintenance of Christian roots and traditional gender and family roles on the one hand, and parties that want to create a United States of Europe, and facilitate migration, and promote atheism and multiculturalism, he claims. Thus, the election will determine the civilizational values Hungary will follow and, consequently, the lives of future generations of Hungarians.

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