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Weeklies on the election

In their first issues after last Sunday’s election, the five nationwide opposition weeklies paint a desolate picture of Hungary’s future, while the two pro-government ones find that the crushing victory achieved by the government gives it unprecedented legitimacy.

Weeklies on the prospect of a broad anti-Fidesz coalition

Commentators from right across the political spectrum express their doubts about the potential of a broad anti-Fidesz coalition, which aims to change the current electoral law.

Soros and the PM exchange Mafia accusations

As George Soros depicts the Orbán government as a ‘mafia state’, government politicians including the premier himself describe the NGOs supported by Mr Soros as ‘a mafia network.’ A pro-government columnist fears that anti-government protesters will soon turn violent. A left-wing commentator, on the other hand, finds the government’s rhetoric ...

Vona’s Hanukkah greeting rejected by traditionalist Jewish leader

A liberal weekly criticises Shlomo Köves for spurning a Hanukkah greeting message from the radical right-wing leader. Other commentators put the matter in the more general context of Jobbik’s changing political profile and of preparations for the 2018 parliamentary elections.

FM unveils harsh past exchanges with State Department

In an interview with the ATV television website, Foreign Minister Péter Szíjjártó said Hungary has been regularly under heavy pressure from the US State Department and he had unpleasant personal exchanges with Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland with both of them speaking at the top of their voice.

Another call for an anti-Fidesz coalition between Jobbik and the Left

A centrist pundit thinks that short of a broad alliance, the opposition will be no match for Fidesz at the next election.

US accused of interfering in Hungarian affairs

In a comment on a recently leaked 2014 diplomatic document handed over by US diplomats to the Hungarian government demanding legislative and policy changes, a pro-government columnist accuses the US of pressurising the democratically elected Hungarian government while promoting US interests.

The Greek crisis and Hungary

Népszabadság warns that the possibility of electoral victories by new, anti-establishment movements in southern Europe makes the future of the Euro-zone increasingly uncertain. Hungary’s adoption of the common currency may thus be postponed to the distant future.

President sets date for municipal elections

Left-wing and liberal columnists accuse the government of rewriting the Budapest municipal election rules in order to secure their victory at the October election, and the Constitutional Court of assisting the government in what they consider as a limitation of basic rights. A conservative analyst contends that the new rules ...

Two thirds majority for Fidesz confirmed

The count of votes sent by mail from around the world confirmed on Saturday that the Fidesz-KDNP alliance will retain its two thirds majority in Parliament. A left-wing analysis takes it for granted that the Prime Minister will not refrain from making full use of his overwhelming power in the ...