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Another call for an anti-Fidesz coalition between Jobbik and the Left

November 5th, 2016

A centrist pundit thinks that short of a broad alliance, the opposition will be no match for Fidesz at the next election.

In the 2018 Parliamentary election, Fidesz could only be defeated by a broad coalition including both the radical right-wing Jobbik and left-wing opposition parties, Róbert Puzsér writes in Magyar Nemzet. The centrist pundit thinks that the Left on its own is unable to challenge Fidesz in the first place. He is also convinced that a government formed by the MSZP and the Democratic Coalition would not be any better than the current one. The only option for the opposition is to form a broad strategic alliance that includes both the left-wing parties and the radical Jobbik, Puzsér speculates. Despite their deep ideological differences, these parties have a common interest in rewriting the electoral law and the constitution, and after such legislative reforms, they could call an early election and run separately, Puzsér adds. He concludes by suggesting that unless Gyurcsány and Vona are willing to cooperate, Viktor Orbán will remain Prime Minister beyond 2018.

(For the idea of a ‘grand anti-Fidesz coalition’ see BudaPost, March 14.)

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