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Opposition rallies on May 1

A pro-government columnist thinks that Hungarian voters will not buy the opposition’s claims that the Fidesz government is ruining the country. Two liberal commentators fear that the Left is unlikely to unite against Fidesz.

Parliament passes amendments to law on foreign universities

As Parliament turned into law the amendments to the higher education act on Tuesday, a conservative columnist suspects that the government’s ideologically motivated attack on CEU may easily backfire. Pro-government sources describe the opposition to the law as pure hysteria.

Iconic left-wing TV star switches to HírTV

As Olga Kálmán decides to leave ATV for the formerly pro-Fidesz channel, commentators suggest that in his anti-Orbán drive, HírTV owner Lajos Simicska wants to overtake ATV from the left.

Népszabadság saga rolls on

A pro-government pundit accepts the explanation that Népszabadság had to be closed down out of financial considerations. He feels bad at the same time because his left-wing colleagues have lost their jobs. Nevertheless he does not regret the disappearance of the former Communist Party daily.

Simicska to ally with Jobbik?

The leading left-wing daily suspects that Lajos SImicska, a former ally of PM Orbán will openly support and help Jobbik in an effort to defeat Fidesz.

Index and Népszabadság for sale?

Widespread rumours that Lajos Simicska will buy Index and that a pro-government consortium plans to take over the main left-wing daily prompt a right-wing analyst to suggest that Index will be put at the service of Jobbik.

Journalists leave VS.hu in protest

As at least five journalists leave the liberal news site in protest against covert funding by the National Bank, a pro government analyst calls them hypocrites.

Vona to purge the Jobbik leadership of radicals

As Jobbik leader Gábor Vona announces plans to get rid of Vice-Presidents associated with the exterme right wing of the party, commentators wonder what the implications of his move may be.

Friction over Budapest advertising columns

A left-liberal weekly accuses the government of abusing its power, as the Budapest Municipal Council removes advertisement columns owned by Lajos Simicska.

Magyar Idők

(Hungarian Times) A pro-government daily launched by leading former Magyar Nemzet staffers when Magyar Nemzet's ultimate owner, Mr Lajos Simicska openly confronted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in 2015. Originally they took over Napi Gazdaság in April and re-named it Magyar Idők in September 2015. On February 6 2019, Magyar Idők was re-named ...