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Migration as a threat to social stability

A pro-government commentator and another at Hungary’s top left-wing daily both suggest that ‘uncontrolled mass migration’ undermines social peace.

National Consultation Number 9

A liberal sociologist slams the government’s latest national consultation questionnaire as a mere propaganda tool, while a pro-government analyst sees it as a smart exercise in democracy.

Weeklies’ New Year editorials

In their first issues of 2020, the weeklies try to make sense of what happened in 2019 and assess what Hungary may expect in the New Year.

Hóman remembered for both his merits and his sins

A pro-government writer admits that monuments to historic heroes should only be erected after a thorough public debate on their merits and faults.

Conservative poet calls for cultural renewal

A pro-government poet blames the drop in sales of books of literature on what he calls the elitism which dominates the literary field, and proposes that the national interest should be the priority in literature too.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Hungary

The Israeli Prime Minister is criticised by a left-wing pundit, while his visit is interpreted by a right-wing commentator as convincing proof that the accusations of anti-Semitism levelled against the Hungarian government from time to time are groundless.

More on Constitutional Court election

While left-wing parties accuse the LMP of “collaborating” with the ruling parties, the first left-wing media reaction is only mildly negative. A liberal and a conservative analyst, although both critical of the government, see the election of the missing Constitutional Court judges in a positive light.

Bank mogul falls out of favour with government

News analysts come forward with elaborate theories to explain what appears to be the sudden downfall of Hungarian bank mogul Zoltán Spéder from the echelons of power, but they admit that they lack facts to corroborate their explanations.

Government campaign against compulsory quotas

As the first posters appear in a government campaign to mobilise voters ahead of the referendum on EU plans to relocate migrants among member states, commentators disagree on the possible impact of the campaign and the referendum itself.

Lessons of the Salgótarján mayoral by-election

Following the victory of the MSZP candidate in the mayoral elections in the municipality of Salgótarján, analysts across the political board point out that if left-wing and radical right voters back the same candidate, they can defeat the governing party.