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Migration as a threat to social stability

June 24th, 2020

A pro-government commentator and another at Hungary’s top left-wing daily both suggest that ‘uncontrolled mass migration’ undermines social peace.

In Népszava, Géza Simon likens migration to colonialism. Simon suggests that in the European Union, individuals, NGOs and liberals are motivated by humanitarian considerations – but also by interests. As the colonization of foreign lands is no longer possible, advocates of ‘uncontrolled migration’ want to ‘colonize internally’, Simon claims. Immigration provides a cheap labour force, he continues. He is skeptical whether immigrants can be successfully integrated. Simon fears that dissatisfied non-integrated migrants may easily turn violent in times of economic decline or pandemics.

Magyar Hírlap’s Mariann Őry thinks that Central Europe has become an island of normality and peace while Western European countries and the US are being destabilized by violent riots, terrorist threats and immigrant ‘no-go zones’. The pro-government commentator claims that social tension in the West is the result of uncontrolled mass immigration. Őry finds it peculiar that such Western European countries marked by discontent and unrest want to teach a lesson in democracy to Central European states. In contrast to Western European countries, Central Europe has not been impacted by mass immigration, and therefore remains a bastion of European identity and stability, Őry concludes.


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