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Archive for the ‘Vasárnapi Hírek’ Category

Hungarian goalkeeper in storm over ‘rainbow families’

Friday, February 26th, 2021

Pro-government authors criticise the goalkeeper of the national football team who publicly opposed the recent amendment to the Fundamental Law which defines the family as based on marriage and the parent-child relationship. READ MORE

The latest storm: Family Minister’s video on women

Saturday, December 19th, 2020

Opinions diverge on the video in which Katalin Novák, Minister for Family Affairs, encourages women to enjoy their womanhood as daughters, wives and mothers without necessarily considering men as competitors. READ MORE

Controversy over promoting gay inclusion among children

Monday, October 19th, 2020

Liberal and left-wing commentators in unison criticize radical right-wing MP Dóra Dúró for shredding a children’s book intended to strengthen acceptance of homosexuals. Conservative pundits, on the other hand, call for the government to put an end to what they label ‘homosexual propaganda’ in kindergartens.


Editor of Vasárnapi Hírek leaves suspecting owners’ pact with government

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Zoltán Gál accuses leading socialist personalities of sacrificing him and choosing a more moderate colleague of his as joint editor of Népszava and Vasárnapi Hírek as a result of a deal with governing forces. READ MORE

Campaign against Hungary’s Olympic bid

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

The Momentum Movement, a new youth organization has started to collect signatures to call a referendum to derail the Budapest 2024 Olympic bid. 35,000 were collected in the first 3 days, of 138,000 necessary. Commentators assess the political implications of the Olympic bid as well as the referendum initiative. READ MORE

Liberal commentators attack ‘Emergency State of Terror’ bill

Monday, January 25th, 2016

A former Socialist representative puts forward a ’personal conspiracy theory’ about Fidesz’s proposal on the planned ‘Emergency State of Terror’ constitutional amendment, while a liberal commentator calls such laws hotbeds of dictatorship. READ MORE

Weeklies on Simicska’s accusations

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Left-wing magazines point out how damaging the charge levelled against the Prime Minister by his former close ally is. Liberal pundits think the uncertainty about former real or imagined police informants should have been settled long time ago by publishing all Communist secret service files, while right-wing commentators call Mr Simicska’s allegations sheer slander. READ MORE

Is the “Orbán régime” here to stay until 2022?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

In their analyses on the causes of the defeat of the Left at the elections on 6th April, commentators across the political spectrum believe that there will be no left-wing alternative to the incumbent government until the far reaching lessons of two consecutive electoral catastrophes are learned. Opinions differ, however about what those lessons are. READ MORE

MSZP-Together 2014 negotiations

Monday, June 17th, 2013

On the eve of a new round of left wing opposition talks, a left-wing analyst argues that the two major competing leaders should find a quick compromise. A libertarian commentator describes Mesterházy and Bajnai as locked in a power-struggle, predicting that Bajnai”s best offer, to have joint candidates in individual constituencies but run on separate national tickets, will only show which of the two is the worse candidate. READ MORE