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Fidesz Vice-President criticized for world cup comment

December 21st, 2022

A left-wing as well as a conservative columnist criticize Fidesz Vice-President Szilárd Németh for welcoming Argentina’s World Cup victory as that of ‘a white and Christian country’.

HírKlikk’s Péter S. Föld  is outraged by Fidesz Vice President Szilárd Németh’s comment on the World Cup finals. In a Facebook post, Németh wrote that “a white, Christian country representing European values won the cup”. Föld accuses Németh of supporting Argentine in the finals because the French team had several black players. The left-wing commentator writes that the Fidesz Vice-President’s statement has nothing to do with European and Christian values, and also goes against PM Orbán’s suggestion that politics have no business in soccer.

In Vasárnap, Kristóf Trombitás dismisses suggestions ‘discernible mainly on the right’ that Argentine won the World Cup because of its ethnic and religious composition. Without explicitly mentioning Fidesz Vice-President Németh’s comment, Trombitás finds it mistaken to attribute sports successes to social and political values. The conservative columnist notes that Argentina is far from an ideal traditionalist country – on the contrary, it is an immigrant state. Trombitás believes that politics in general – and not just progressive LGBTQ ideology – should be kept out of sports, adding that the decisive factor in Argentina’s victory was Messi’s exceptional talent.

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