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Deputy PM plagiarism scandal

An independent conservative blogger dismisses Deputy PM Zsolt Semjén's claim that he did not violate any written rules when copying large parts of his 1992 doctoral dissertation from other sources without attribution.

Former Socialist prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsány suspected of plagiarism

A leading right-wing columnist accuses the Hungarian left-wing media and blogosphere of double standards after HírTV, a right wing television channel, revealed that Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Teachers College thesis could be a copy of his former brother-in-law’s. Népszabadság, meanwhile, claims that HírTV is “going after Gyurcsány”.

President accused of plagiarism

Commentators on the left and in the centre of the political spectrum wonder whether  President Pál Schmitt can stay in office, after Heti Világgazdaság accused him of plagiarising a significant part of his doctoral dissertation, submitted in 1992.

Speculation about President Áder’s future

Commentators give credence to rumours that the Prime Minister doesn’t want Mr Áder to be re-elected next year. Opinions diverge, however about the reasons and one source claims that the President took the job four years ago for a single term anyway.

Áder compelled to take sides

A popular centrist analyst believes that by deciding to sign the controversial constitutional amendments, the President has given up his effort to stand above the political fray.

Romanian PM – a guest of the Socialists

A pro-government journalist lists examples of discrimination and arrogance in the record of the left-wing Romanian government and asks how it is possible that such politicians are not rejected by the EU and are even embraced by Hungarian Socialists.

Voter registration abandoned but the culture war heats up

Pro-government columnists suggest that the government has backed down elegantly, disproving the charges of arrogance and authoritarianism often levelled against it, while according to centrist and left-leaning analysts, the government tested the water of public feeling and realized it had too much to lose on the registration issue.

Is Victor Ponta applying Viktor Orbán’s recipe?

Commentators across the political spectrum ponder possible parallels between the practices of the prime ministers of Hungary and Romania. Those on the left think that although Ponta follows a recipe devised by Orbán, the Romanian PM has not initiated a fully-fledged offensive against democratic institutions. Right-wing pundits, on the other ...

Coming out on Gyurcsány’s thesis

Following on the heels of left-wing criticism of former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány,  for his very own plagiarism scandal, a centrist analyst tentatively suggests that Hungary might finally profit from the elimination of double standards. A columnist close to Gyurcsány suggests, however that the plagiarism case may be a ...

Áder will not be a “signing machine”

By choosing János Áder as his candidate for the presidency, PM Viktor Orbán has shown that he still cares for his one-time co-founders of Fidesz, even if they have sometimes disagreed with him in the past. By implication, he has also accepted the idea that the President will not necessarily ...