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The Nyírő saga continues

Right and left accuse each other of acting in bad faith in connection with the government-sponsored, but failed reburial of Transylvanian writer József Nyírő. A liberal analyst believes both sides need enemies in order to mobilise their own  troops.

Nyirő as a battlefield in the culture wars

A centrist analyst believes that symbolic political debates have real political importance, and should not be seen as something completely irrational. He notes, however, that the government seems to sacrifice its centrist stance in the current culture war.

The failed reburial of József Nyirő in Transylvania

Commentators across the political spectrum find the Hungarian-Romanian diplomatic incident over writer József Nyirő’s reburial sad but absurd. Right-wing commentators claim that Nyirő was not a National Socialist radical and blame the Romanian government and left-leaning Romanian Hungarians for the conflict. Left-wing columnists suggest that the Hungarian government has exacerbated ...

Weeklies on the new national curriculum

The debate over the new national curriculum continues in the weeklies. Left-wing and liberal commentators pour scorn on the government and accuse it of brainwashing kids. Pro-government and conservative commentators, on the other hand, find the critics ideologically biased.

István Bethlen’s statue unveiled by PM Orbán

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s speech during the inauguration ceremony of István Bethlen’s statue in the Buda Castle district, left-wing analysts stress that the interwar prime minister was no democrat and left office in the midst of a full-blown financial crisis. A right-wing columnist believes he was a historic figure ...

Prime Minister asks US Congress to shut down anti-Semitic portal

Commenting on an exchange of letters between US congressmen and Viktor Orbán on anti-Semitism in Hungary, a pro-government columnist says Fidesz is a victim of anti-Semitic attacks, and is fighting anti-Semitism. The commentator in the largest left wing daily , however, says that  if the government really wanted to block ...

RMDSZ’s plan to found a party in Hungary

Népszabadság believes the government’s innovative extension of voting rights to Hungarian citizens living in neighbouring countries may backfire

Wiesel returns Hungarian award

A right-wing columnist downplays the importance of Elie Wiesel’s decision to return the highest Hungarian state honour in protest against what he sees as the government’s efforts to restore anti-Semitic icons. A left-wing pundit, on the other hand, believes that the case will receive international attention and further harm the ...

Interpretation wars around Hungarian history

Commentators on the left and right trade accusations about hidden agendas and propagating half-truths concerning the charges of anti-Semitism, the heritage of Imre Nagy and the Strasbourg court ruling on wearing the red star in public.

History as the main battlefield of the culture wars

A leading conservative journalist calls for a peaceful assessment of 20th century Hungarian history, and blames the left for refusing to face the negative heritage of the Communist past.