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Nobel laureate Imre Kertész dies at 86

Commentators across the Hungarian media remember Nobel Prize winner author Imre Kertész.

Imre Kertész accuses The New York Times of censorship

Two conservative columnists accuse The New York Times of bias for deciding not to publish an interview with Imre Kertész Nobel prize winning novelist who dismissed the idea that Hungary was a dictatorship.

Liberals at a loss about state honours to Kertész

A left-liberal writer thinks the government has managed to baffle the opposing camp by decorating Nobel Prize winning author Imre Kertész. His conservative counterpart believes this was a win-win game for both sides and a contribution to bridging deep-set divisions.

Fight for Imre Kertész

Left-wing columnists complain that the government is trying to lure the Nobel Prizewinning author into its own camp, although his place should be in the ranks of the opposition. Their pro-government colleague dismisses such claims of "ownership” and also urges Kertész’s right-wing critics to make peace with him.

Homage to Imre Kertész

Historian Mária Schmidt praises Nobel Prize winning writer Imre Kertész for his staunch opposition to all forms of dictatorship. She wonders why Kertész’s “needle-sharp” analyses on Hungary’s recent past are not a topic ofpublic discourse.

Imre Kertész’s iconoclastic interview

A liberal columnist takes up the defence of Hungary’s only Nobel prize winning writer, who among other stark statements has said in an interview that he does not consider himself any more Jewish than Hungarian, and hates having been used by the “Holocaust industry” as an “Auschwitz-clown”.

Ákos Kertész seeks asylum in Canada

A left-wing commentator believes that Ákos Kertész, a Hungarian writer who has bitterly criticised Hungary and its right-wing parties, had to leave the country as a result of fierce verbal and physical attacks from the right-wing. He predicts that Kertész’s decision will be celebrated both by the governing centre-right parties ...

Ákos Kertész loses honorary citizenship

Left-wing papers are fiercely critical of the decision by the Budapest City Council to strip the writer Ákos Kertész of his honorary citizenship, while a leading right-wing commentator believes he should have surrendered it himself after having denigrated his fellow Hungarian citizens.

Physicist Ferenc Krausz – the second Nobel Prize winning Hungarian in as many days

Commentators are elated at the news that one day after Katalin Karikó’s Nobel Prize in medicine, Ferenc Krausz won the Nobel Prize in Physics with French physicists Pierre Agostini and Anne L'Huillier, for their superfast pulses of light to study electron dynamics. Just like the previous day, the celebrations are ...

Dispute over government’s economic measures

A pro-government and an independent economist find the government’s economic incentives to kick-start the economy reasonable and well-balanced. A former liberal minister and a left-wing commentator, on the other hand, accuse the government of mismanaging the economic crisis. A centrist analyst predicts that after the health emergency, the government will ...