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The case for a 2nd Holocaust Museum

A centre-right commentator welcomes the idea to build a new Holocaust memorial site in Budapest, since he believes the first, opened a decade ago has not fulfilled its mission.

The Nyírő saga continues

Right and left accuse each other of acting in bad faith in connection with the government-sponsored, but failed reburial of Transylvanian writer József Nyírő. A liberal analyst believes both sides need enemies in order to mobilise their own  troops.

Canada set to automatically reject Hungarian asylum claims

A pro-government columnist welcomes the Canadian government’s plan to end the practice of granting refugee status to Hungarian claimants. Canada, he believes, has recognized that the mainly Roma Hungarian asylum seekers are not facing persecution, as NGOs and left-wing opposition parties claim.

Row over nation-bashing

Right-wing commentators sharply condemn a socialist writer for his bitter words about the Hungarian people as a whole. A left-wing commentator agrees with them, but mainly because the left-wing writer plays into the hands of the worst right-wingers.