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Central Banker Matolcsy on FX loans and banks

The leading left-wing daily accuses National Bank chief Matolcsy of compromising judicial independence and the rule of law by calling for retroactive legislation in order to abolish FX loans. A pro-government commentator welcomes the government's efforts to strengthen Hungarian owned banks.

More controversy over the National Bank chief

A left-wing columnist suggests that the National Bank will surrender its independence after the appointment of its new president next month. A conservative pundit doubts that the National Bank has much room to stimulate growth through monetary policy as hoped for by the government.

Right-wing fears of Socialist influence over National Bank

A pro-government columnist finds it deeply worrying that an advisor to the President of the Hungarian National Bank is a Socialist party member. He believes that “such a conflict of interests” threatens the bank's independence.

Uncertainty reigns on Central Bank law

Népszabadság urges the government to revise its reticent attitude towards demands put forward by the EU to ensure the independence of the Hungarian National Bank. Magyar Nemzet cautions against either rejecting or accepting those demands in their entirety.

The Governor of the Central Bank has offered to give up his salary

Both left and right wing commentators accuse the Governor of Hungary's Central Bank of waiting too long before making a conciliatory gesture, in a fierce debate with the government over his income.

Weeklies try to solve the riddle of Fidesz’s lasting success

Some commentators attribute the government’s success in one election after another to the weakness of the opposition, while others find the explanation in its endeavour to continue a long-standing trend in Hungarian political history.

National sovereignty in focus

Left-wing analysts accuse the government of dismissing every internal and external criticism of its work as an attempt to curb Hungarian national sovereignty. A right-wing columnist claims that Hungarians have a very negative image of the US and the EU.

Matolcsy’s first rate cut

Commentators across the political spectrum discuss the National Bank’s decision to go ahead with regular interest rate cuts and comment on the move of former National Bank President András Simor to the ERBD as a Vice-President.

Why has the Forint lost value?

Commentators across the political spectrum wonder why the exchange rate of the Forint declined in December. Pro-government analysts suggest purely external factors are responsible, while left-wing columnists blame the fall primarily on the government.

Is Victor Ponta applying Viktor Orbán’s recipe?

Commentators across the political spectrum ponder possible parallels between the practices of the prime ministers of Hungary and Romania. Those on the left think that although Ponta follows a recipe devised by Orbán, the Romanian PM has not initiated a fully-fledged offensive against democratic institutions. Right-wing pundits, on the other ...