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Weeklies on the Prime Minister’s Băile Tușnad speech

Left-wing and liberal authors lambast Prime Minister Orbán for what they see as provocative remarks on Hungary’s neighbours. Pro-government commentators find remarkable points in his address.

More comments on the PM’s Băile Tușnad address

Pro-government commentators angrily reject criticism by Romania, Slovakia and Czechia of PM Orbán’s speech at the annual Fidesz festival in Transylvania, while liberal authors accuse him of provoking neighbouring countries.

Reactions to PM Orbán’s annual Băile Tușnad address

Opposition-leaning commentators find the Prime Minister’s speech flat and meaningless, though provocative, while pro-government columnists praise it as revelatory.

Controversy over PM Orbán’s Băile Tușnad address

A pro-government commentator praises the Prime Minister for his endeavour to preserve Hungary as a distinct nation among others, while a left-wing pundit describes Mr Orbán’s speech as inconsistent.

Rock star’s performance at Tusnádfürdő criticised

A pro-government pundit protests against the presence at the traditional summer Fidesz gathering in Transylvania of liberal minded rock star András Lovasi. A Marxist philosopher, on the other hand, condemns Lovasi for accepting the invitation to perform there.

PM Orbán’s annual Tusnádfürdő speech

In his annual address at Tusnádfürdő, PM Orbán defended the idea of ‘illiberal democracy’ and offered a new definition of what he means by it, namely ‘Christian liberty’.

First comments on PM Orbán’s speech at Tusnadfürdő

In their first reactions to PM Orbán’s Tusnádfürdő address, liberal and left-wing commentators suggest that Viktor Orbán wants to elevate his illiberal politics to the European stage. Pro-government columnist agree with the Prime Minister that liberal elites need to be replaced.

Tușnad seen as a lesson for the opposition

A conservative critic of the government calls on the opposition to build a world view and a project as solid and convincing as the one laid out by PM Orbán in his yearly address in Transylvania – even if he disagrees with the Prime Minister on most points.

PM Orbán’s annual speech at Băile Tușnad

Commentators sharply disagree on Viktor Orbán’s thesis that the V4 countries represent 'the future of Europe'.

Leading dailies on Viktor Orbán’s Tusnád speech

Left-wing columnists find the PM’s messages ambiguous. A pro-government commentator thinks that Mr Orbán has offered a clear analysis and a feasible proposal to overcome Europe’s multiple crises. A centrist pundit believes the prime minister may become one of the new leaders of the EU.