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Szajlai strikes back

A conservative columnist urges the government to reach an agreement with the IMF, and implicitly rejects an official communique condemning his critical stance on the government’s economic policy.

Opposing takes on the state of Hungary’s economy

A left-wing columnist believes the Hungarian economy is in crisis, while a pro-government commentator sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

Speculation about Hungary’s economic outlook

Left-wing and liberal analysts blame the government and the National Bank for the high price Hungarians are paying to regain the trust of the markets. A pro-government pundit is optimistic that Hungary can avoid recession - despite the global economic crisis.

Fears of potential Hungarian default

Economic analysts across the political spectrum comment on opposition suggestions about a looming default.

Hungarian competitiveness improves

A conservative economist suggests that Hungary’s improving competitiveness is the result of the government’s pro-growth policies. According to another leading analyst, Hungary is unlikely to catch up with EU average wages anytime soon.

Government makes 350 billion forint budget readjustment

A left-wing columnist accuses the government of overspending ahead of the 2022 April election. A conservative economist, on the other hand, finds the government’s economic path sound and reasonable.

Dispute over Hungary’s economic outlook

A left-wing commentator fears that the government’s spending policies will further fuel already rampant inflation. A pro-government analyst quotes two independent analyses to justify his confidence that Hungarian growth will skyrocket.

Soaring energy prices

As energy prices skyrocket, a left-wing commentator calls on the government to lower taxes on gasoline. A conservative economist thinks that rising energy prices impact Hungary less than many other EU countries, thanks to the diversification of energy supply.

Matolcsy cautions against rushed introduction of Euro

A left-wing commentator disagrees with the National Bank governor, who does not consider as timely the adoption of the common European currency. A conservative economist remarks that Hungary cannot in any case rapidly introduce the Euro – thanks to the previous Socialist-Liberal governments.

Hungary’s economic record and outlook

A conservative economist believes that Hungary’s growth rate confirms the wisdom of the government’s economic policies. Another analyst notes that Hungary is lagging behind most new EU member states in terms of growth.