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Should warnings by the US be returned in kind?

A leading right-wing commentator and long time critic of US policies calls upon the Hungarian Foreign Ministry to return American criticism of Hungary’s pivotal laws in kind.

Hungary cannot ignore Washington’s concerns

A veteran left-wing commentator believes Mr Orbán’s government cannot afford to ignore Washington’s concerns over its swift constitutional reforms, if it wants the IMF to open a new credit line for Hungary.

Friendly war on the left

It might be an appeal for a friendly gesture or the beginning of a war for the left-wing vote, it depends on your choice of commentator. The fact of the matter is that the left-liberal Democratic Charter has written an open letter asking the floor leader of LMP, András Schiffer ...

Under friendly fire

Left wing commentators welcome the unequivocal warnings addressed to the Hungarian government by various Western sources, while right wing analysts deem accusations of anti-democratic tendencies directed at Hungarian leaders unfair.

The False, the Rude and the Ugly: an episode in US – Hungarian relations

A moderately conservative opinion page carries an unusually angry commentary on US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas O. Melia’s criticism of the direction public affairs are taking in Hungary.