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Brexit’s fallout on Hungary and the V4

A left-wing commentator believes the Hungarian government is ’the spokesman’ of the Visegrád 4 in their confrontation with the EU, while a conservative analyst suggests that Angela Merkel is changing her policies and is steering nearer to the V4.

Brexit: the first reactions

As British voters decide that the UK should leave the EU, a moderate pundit wonders if the crisis of the UK and EU can be overcome at all. A conservative philosopher thinks that the EU needs to become more accommodating to the nation state. 

Conservative pundits against Brexit

The leading pro-government daily and a conservative philosopher suggest that moderate right-wing parties have a vested interest in keeping the UK within the EU.

A Magna Carta for Europe?

A conservative philosopher calls on European governments to make a pledge on the 800th anniversary of the famous Magna Carta, the first of a long series of documents limiting the power of rulers - a process  which ultimately led to what is known today as the rule of law.

“America is a friend”, conservative philosopher warns

Commenting on the unprecedented case of Hungarian officials and businessman banned from entering the United States (see BudaPost, October 20), a well-known conservative philosopher thinks the government should avoid antagonising the United States.

Reflections on new EU leaders

Analysts from both right and left agree that European leaders wanted to send strong symbolic messages through the appointment of Donald Tusk and Federica Mogherini to top EU jobs. A conservative columnist believes Polish PM Tusk’s appointment is good news for Hungary. His left-wing counterpart cautions the Left against harsh ...

Conservative advice of moderation

Two conservative analysts agree that Fidesz has solidified its power and closed the post-Communist era. They caution the government, however, against utopian social engineering and emphasize the need to rein in containing its own elites.

Juncker’s candidacy opposed by PM Orbán

Conservative pundits believe the Prime Minister is now bereft of significant opponents at home as a result of two consecutive elections, and is therefore seeking new battlefields at the European level. This explains, they suggest, why Mr Orbán was the first front-line EU leader to openly defy Jean-Claude Juncker’s nomination ...

Moderate conservative cautions Orbán against negative campaign

A conservative blogger claims that Orbán could be “Hungary’s Merkel” if he could only show restraint and fashion his party as a “force for stability”.

Reding accused of plotting against Hungary

A left-wing commentator dismisses a report in the leading pro-government daily about an alleged EU-scheme to question the legitimacy of the 2014 election, as a classical conspiracy theory. A conservative pundit, on the other hand, suggests that whatever was actually discussed, meetings of top European politicians and the business elite ...