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Brexit: the first reactions

June 25th, 2016

As British voters decide that the UK should leave the EU, a moderate pundit wonders if the crisis of the UK and EU can be overcome at all. A conservative philosopher thinks that the EU needs to become more accommodating to the nation state. 

In Magyar Nemzet, Albert Gazda thinks it is unclear if and how the EU and the UK can resolve the situation after the majority of British voters opted for Brexit. The first reactions of the financial markets indicate that  Brexit may cause a major economic and political crisis in the UK, the centrist analyst contends. Gazda suggests that the lesson of Brexit is that politicians should not make irresponsible promises during election campaigns in order to win. David Cameron may have secured victory at the last Parliamentary election by pledging to organize the referendum, but his success proved very short lived and has devastating implications, Gazda points out.

British voters have sent a clear message to Brussels, Ferenc Hörcher writes on Mandiner. The conservative philosopher interprets the result as a clear indication that the British are fed up with the overly centralized EU bureaucracy. The EU can only overcome the current crisis if it becomes less centralized, and more attentive to the concerns of people. In order to achieve all this, the EU needs to become more accommodating towards national sovereignty, Hörcher suggests.

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