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Conservative pundits against Brexit

June 22nd, 2016

The leading pro-government daily and a conservative philosopher suggest that moderate right-wing parties have a vested interest in keeping the UK within the EU.

European and Hungarian conservatives need the UK in the EU, Ferenc Hörcher writes on Mandiner. The conservative philosopher sees Britain as a strategic ally of the Hungarian government. He believes that British society is also conservative leaning, and thus the UK is an important counterweight to centralizing efforts by Brussels. If the UK leaves the EU, the line between far-right populists and moderate conservatives will be blurred, Hörcher fears.

In Magyar Idők, Levent Sitkei worries that without the UK, it would be much harder to reform the European Union. The pro-government columnist suggests that the UK could help the EU to find a better balance between European integration and national sovereignty, as well as reconciling national pride with pro-EU sentiments.

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