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The fallout of the Ukraine war on Hungary

Pundits and political analysts across the political spectrum ponder if and how the Ukraine war might impact the party preferences of Hungarians and therefore the outcome of the Parliamentary election in four weeks’ time.

Weeklies on the electoral campaign

As the electoral campaign officially kicks off, the weeklies analyse the political landscape and the various factors that might play a role in the run-up to the elections called for 3 April.

Weeklies on the coming municipal elections

With just three weeks till the municipal elections, commentators in the weeklies and the weekend editions of the dailies ponder the chances of the opposition to defeat Fidesz candidates in Budapest and major provincial cities.

Ideology deficit of the Alt-left

A left-wing analyst attributes the weakness of Alt-left movements in Hungary to their liberal ideology, which he believes alienates middle and lower class voters with more conservative world-views.

Parliament approves Fidesz family protection plan

A pro-government official finds it reassuring that most opposition MPs voted in favour of the government’s family protection bill. A left-wing analyst and a liberal weekly, on the other hand, lambast opposition representatives whom they accuse of selling out to Fidesz.

Case CEU – how important is it?

Left wing commentators consider the departure of the US-accredited degree modules of the Central European University a major defeat for democracy. A conservative analyst remarks that the West does not seem too concerned.

Therapies for demographic decline

A conservative and a left-wing analyst agree that Hungary is facing rapid demographic decline. They offer diametrically opposing remedies, however, to depopulation.

Stakes at the 2019 EP election

A pro-government commentator and a left-wing analyst both think that the 2019 European Parliament election will determine the identity of Europe for a long time to come.

LMP under left-wing pressure to co-operate with the DK

In Népszava, Balázs Böcskei, the founding director of the IDEA Institute of Political Analyses and his colleague, Balázs Barkóczi argue that the green party is losing more than it gains by refusing to co-operate with the left, especially with Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition (DK).

2016: A bitter year for the Left

In their end of the year opinion pieces, left-wing columnists paint a sad picture of the state of the world and Hungary within it.