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Prime Minister’s advisor resigns in reaction to ’mixed race’ speech

In an interview with the number one commercial TV station, a personal advisor to the PM who resigned to dissociate herself from the words of the Premier on ‘mixed races’ said she went public to ‘stop the madness’.

Jewish community reacts to Prime Minister’s remarks on ‘mixed race’

Prime Minister Orbán’s comments on race in his speech on Saturday were made in the context of his opposition to mass immigration from outside Europe. Nevertheless, Jewish leaders and authors in Hungary found his words disturbing. One added, however, that Hungary is a safe country for Jewish people.

Weeklies on the Prime Minister’s address

The six opposition-leaning weeklies condemn practically in unison the speech delivered by the Prime Minister last Saturday. One pro-government weekly simply summarises his words, while another praises his central message.

PM admits his words ‘could be misunderstood’

As Prime Minister Orbán conceded that his choice of language on ‘mixed races’ could ‘lead to misunderstandings’, a pro-government commentator believes it is time to turn the page on the issue, while a left-wing columnist lambasts the Chancellor of Austria for not cancelling the Austria-Hungary summit.

Controversy over PM Orbán’s Băile Tușnad address

A pro-government commentator praises the Prime Minister for his endeavour to preserve Hungary as a distinct nation among others, while a left-wing pundit describes Mr Orbán’s speech as inconsistent.