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Rivalry trumps cooperation among opposition parties

November 15th, 2023

An independent analyst forecasts an unprecedented defeat for the opposition in next year’s local and European elections.

On Index, Tamás Péter believes Momentum politician Anna Donáth is launching one diatribe after another against the Democratic Coalition because she fears that her party is sinking into insignificance. He doesn’t disagree with Donáth’s criticism (See BudaPost, October 27), but finds it naïve to believe that honesty and morality can lead to political success in our ‘post-truth world’. The Democratic Coalition, he writes, is the only professionally organised opposition party today and by far the strongest among at least seven parties that would like to defeat the incumbent government. However, Péter continues, party leader Ferenc Gyurcsány is an extremely divisive political figure, and the DK will therefore never be able to win an election on its own. Ahead of next year’s local and European elections, Péter would find it imperative for the opposition parties to unite if they want to avoid a catastrophic defeat.

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