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Leading Momentum MEP accuses Gyurcsány of lying

October 27th, 2023

Anna Donáth who served as chair of Momentum before she went on maternity leave last year, devotes a full article to why the opposition cannot defeat Fidesz with the Democratic Coalition as its strongest component.

In a long article on Válasz, Ms. Donáth recalls that DK leader Mr Gyurcsány, as Prime Minister, drove public finances deep into the red in order to win the 2006 elections, and has never apologised. She also accuses the incumbent government of having done the same in the run-up for last year’s election but adds that the government has millions of devoted followers who would vote for it whatever happens. On the other hand, she continues, the opposition also needs today’s undecided voters to win an election. Yet, they will not support the Democratic Coalition because of its mendacious policies, not only 17 years ago, but also at present, when it makes unrealistic promises about wage hikes. In its introductory remark, Válasz describes Ms Donáth’s article as a ‘declaration of war’ on the DK.

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