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Momentum steps up its attack on the DK

November 28th, 2023

A left-wing website criticises Anna Donáth, Momentum’s most popular ‘face’, who excluded the possibility of jointly running with the Democratic Coalition for seats in the European Parliament or forming a joint electoral list with Ferenc Gyurcsány’s party in the future.

In an interview with Népszava, Anna Donáth reiterated her earlier statement that the Democratic Coalition represents the same ‘mendacious political culture’ that is characteristic of Fidesz (see BudaPost, October 27). This time, she added that if led by such a party, any opposition alliance would be doomed to failure in parliamentary elections. ‘We must first fight it out within the opposition, before standing a chance to defeat the incumbent government’, she told Népszava.

In an unsigned comment, Hírklikk writes that the idea of a divided opposition in nationwide elections clearly serves the interests of Fidesz. As for next year’s elections for the European Parliament, Hírklikk quotes a recent opinion poll according to which 35% of potential voters would cast their ballots for a united opposition list against 34% for Fidesz. That would yield the opposition 11 seats in the European Parliament out of the 20 allotted to Hungary, Hírklikk argues, whereas by running separately, opposition parties would only win five mandates in the European Parliament, handing a devastating victory to Fidesz, as half of the opposition parties will not pass the 5% threshold.

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