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Bitter rivalry prevents alliance among opposition parties

November 3rd, 2023

A left-wing guest-commentator urges opponents of the government to unite for next year’s elections.

In Népszava, Béla Fábry laments the fact that opposition politicians lay the emphasis on criticising each other rather than considering victory over the incumbent government as their primary objective. Fábry, who only appears occasionally in public, mentions as an example Momentum luminary Anna Donáth who has recently declared an opposition victory unimaginable as long as the Democratic Coalition is the leading force (see BudaPost, October 27). He adds that other opposition personalities have shown similar dislike of their rivals, whereby he doesn’t find it surprising that the pro-opposition public is growing weary of parties and politics. As a result, NGOs are becoming increasingly popular, and try to increase their influence by dissociating themselves from opposition parties. However, Fábry writes, such parties and NGOs can only put an end to what he calls the current dictatorship by joining forces. He also urges opposition-leaning analysts to stop suggesting that the incumbent regime cannot be overcome in parliamentary elections. Such analyses, he concludes, clearly play into the government’s hands.

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