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Hungary and Poland divided on the war in Ukraine

June 22nd, 2023

A pro-government author laments the deterioration of the traditionally warm relations between the two countries – but hopes that they will find a way to restore their old friendship once the war is over.

On Mandiner, Mátyás Kohán rejects the view that Hungary is siding with Russia in the conflict. On the contrary, he explains, the Hungarian government knows that Ukraine is the victim of aggression. What the two governments differ on, he maintains, is whether it is possible to repel Russian aggression. The Polish side is convinced that Ukraine can reoccupy all its lands now under Russian rule, while Hungary does not. If Ukraine successfully liberates the territories Russia has occupied, Kohán writes, then Poland will be proven right. If, on the other hand, as the Hungarian side believes, the fighting will not result in any real change, except further destruction and loss of human lives, then Hungary will see its position vindicated. He hopes that the losing side will forget its resentment and find a way back to the legendary friendly relations between the two nations. Meanwhile, Kohán remarks, they are already co-operating in the rejection of compulsory migrant quotas within the European Union (see BudaPost, June 13) and in refusing to allow unlimited grain imports from Ukraine (see BudaPost, April 2).

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