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Hungary rejects planned EU migrant quotas

June 13th, 2023

A pro-government commentator writes that compulsory migrant quotas cannot be imposed on Hungary, as under the country’s Fundamental Law, constitutional bodies must decide on their own whom to allow to settle on Hungarian soil.

A majority of EU interior ministers agreed on a scheme whereby countries can choose between processing the asylum requests of a pre-established share of migrants or pay a sum of €22,000 for each migrant they are allotted. Poland and Hungary objected to the decision. The new system is intended to relieve the burdens of Italy and Greece where most of the migrants arrive.

In Magyar Nemzet, Sándor Faggyas quotes the amendments to the constitution adopted five years ago, according to which Hungary extends asylum to people persecuted in their own countries after having weighed their reasons individually. The fundamental law also stipulates that illegal immigrants trying to enter Hungary from safe countries will not be allowed to settle in the country. The agreement reached by a majority of EU interior ministers, Faggyas writes, must be submitted to the European summit where decisions are taken by unanimity. No one should have any doubts, he adds, about how Prime Minister Orbán of Hungary will vote.

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