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A left-wing take on CPAC Hungary

May 9th, 2023

Four days after the event, the nationwide left-wing daily dismisses the gist of the Prime Minister’s keynote speech at the CPAAC Hungary conference as nonsensical.

In Népszava, András Rostoványi describes the event as a failure for the Hungarian government, because it was not attended by significant international personalities. (For a pro-government view of CPAC Budapest see BudaPost, May 6.) His main point, however, is that in his keynote speech, Prime Minister Orbán made quixotic statements, calling mass immigration a ‘virus bred in progressive laboratories to destroy national communities’. He also dismisses the Prime Minister’s view that Hungary has set an example of successful governance and alleges that the country has been mismanaged into a crisis. That crisis would demand a practically minded statesman, he concludes, rather than a ‘quibbling prophet’.

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