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PM Orbán addresses CPAC Budapest

May 6th, 2023

A pro-government commentator endorses the ideas expressed by the Prime Minister in his keynote speech at the second CPAC conference held in as many years in Budapest.

Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference, a satellite event of a conference circuit backed by the US Republican party, Prime Minister Orbán urged Donald Trump to return to the White House and conservatives throughout the West to wrestle power out of the hands of globalist liberals. He said Hungary was an ‘incubator of conservative strategy’ and summarised his credo in three ‘no’s, – ‘no migration, no gender, no war’.

In Magyar Nemzet, Ottó Gajdics quotes reactions from the audience after the Prime Minister’s speech: typical reactions, he writes, were ‘suggestive and inspiring’. During the speech itself, he continues, listeners were especially appreciative when the Prime Minister offered a recipe for all national communities who want to defeat Liberals. Gajdics approvingly quotes Mr Orbán’s main points, with particular emphasis on his words about the decline of the West with the only exception of its still predominant military power.  He agrees with the Prime Minister who suggested that when that is left as the only superiority of the West, wars are more probable than before. ‘We should say ‘no’ to wars’, he concludes, ‘in order to prevent new-left progressives from destroying everything worth living for’.

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