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Row between Momentum and DK continues

March 9th, 2023

As a prominent Momentum figure condemns Ferenc Gyurcsány’s welcoming gesture to Mrs Rácz Földi, the newly sworn-in MP of his party, a liberal pundit thinks the DK leader did a great service to the government side.

Momentum has condemned the nomination of Judit Rácz Földi to replace deceased DK MP László Kordos, because of her former involvement with an offshore company. Opposition candidates all signed a declaration before the last Parliamentary election, stating that they had no links to offshore businesses, and on that basis, Momentum even threatened to take the case to court. (For the antecedents, see BudaPost, March 3.) When Judit Rácz Földi took the oath of office in Parliament on Monday, greeting her along with the rest of the floor leaders and the Prime Minister, Mr Gyurcsány took her wrists and brought them behind her back while embracing her. Leading Momentum MEP Anna Orosz wrote on her Facebook page that her ‘stomach clenched’ at the sight of that scene.

On 444, László Szily characterised the embrace as ‘one of the most unpleasant moments’ of recent Hungarian parliamentary history. He agrees with other commentators who described Mr Gyurcsány’s gesture as extremely troubling and tactless. He also believes that by selecting Mrs Rácz Földi as an MP, Mr Gyurcsány did a great favour to Fidesz. This was worth more than winning an additional three seats for the governing party, Szily writes.

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