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Momentum shadow boxes with the DK

March 3rd, 2023

A left-wing analyst believes that Momentum is too weak to seriously challenge the Democratic Coalition.

In Népszava, political analyst Attila Tibor Nagy predicts that the liberal party led by young politicians will not get very far with its opposition to the DK’s choice of Judit Rácz Földi to replace their deceased MP, László Kordás. Mr Kordás was a joint opposition candidate, and therefore Momentum believes they have a right to oppose Ms Rácz Földi’s candidacy on moral grounds. They oppose her on the grounds that she ran an offshore business – a practice which in theory bars anyone from running for opposition seats in Parliament. Pap recalls that Momentum started out six years ago with the ambition to replace the old and unsuccessful opposition parties whom they found guilty of immoral practices. Meanwhile, the analyst continues, Momentum had to realise that they couldn’t achieve anything on their own and had to ally themselves with Ferenc Gyurcsány’s DK. What’s more, since the last elections, Momentum has become less popular and its voting base is now measured at only 5 percent of the electorate, while the Democratic Coalition would get 20 percent of the ballots if elections were held next Sunday. The reason, Nagy suggests, is that the Democratic Coalition, ‘ugly’ as it may be, is a professional party, while Momentum, despite its moral ‘purity’, is perceived by the public as amateurish.

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