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Pro-government weeklies on the anti-Gyurcsány movie film

October 25th, 2021

Pro-government film producer Gábor Kálomista’s new thriller on the street clashes and brutal police clampdown before and on the anniversary of the 1956 revolution in 2006 is proving a great success among the pro-government public. 15 years after the controversial events took place with Ferenc Gyurcsány as Prime Minister, remembering those days has been one of the main themes of this year’s celebration of the anniversary on the government side. (For the 2006 riots, see e.g., BudaPost, September 5, 2011.)

In Mandiner, Kálomista complains that his actors have been under pressure from left-wing circles because of their choice to appear in his film. He also laments that Budapest cinemas only schedule few projections of the thriller. As for Ferenc Gyurcsány whom his film holds responsible for the violent clashes in 2006, the producer describes the attitude of the left-wing politician as high treason.

In Demokrata, Fidesz MP Gabriella Selmeczi says young voters who will go to the polls for the first time next year were only two years old when those clashes occurred, on the 50th anniversary of the 1956 revolution. It is therefore the duty of those who witnessed those events to inform them about what happened. ‘We must make everyone understand’, she says, ‘that the same man and the same clan are now preparing to grab political power again’.

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