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Mixed Romanian Reaction to PM Orbán’s speech

August 2nd, 2018

A pro-government columnist suggests that Mr Orbán’s proposals on closer Central-European cooperation have been favourably met by Romanian governing circles.

Magyar Idők’s Levente Sitkei finds the reaction of the Romanian press to PM Orbán’s speech at Băile Tuşnad (see Budapest, July 30 and July 31) relatively mild, while he deems it noteworthy that there has been no official reaction from leading politicians, although the Hungarian Prime Minister dwelt on sensitive historical matters in his speech. Mr Orbán was criticised by some Bucharest commentators for his statement that the centenary of the accession of Transylvania to Romania was not something to be celebrated by Hungarians (although he understood that it was for Romanians). The daily Romania Libera, on the other hand, welcomed Mr Orbán’s criticism of the ruling ’68-er’ western élites whom he accused of leading Europe into its present crisis. Sitkei finds it telling that Romanian politicians have not uttered a single word about Mr Orbán’s address. He believes they must be ruminating over Mr Orbán’s proposal to join forces with neighbouring countries, develop their infrastructures together and deepen co-operation in order to become together an important factor in European politics.

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