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European Parliament opens talks on mandatory migrant quotas

November 18th, 2017

The leading pro-government daily harshly criticizes a decision by the European Parliament to discuss a motion on mandatory migrant redistribution quotas in the European Union.

On Thursday, the European Parliament put on its agenda a draft on mandatory migrant quotas submitted by the Civil Liberties Committee (see BudaPost October 23). The vote was initiated by Fidesz MPs who wanted to halt the proposal, which aims to abolish the so-called Dublin system and re-allocate asylum seekers in the EU in order to help those countries which face a massive influx of refugees. According to the proposal, countries which refuse to take in migrants could be deprived of EU funding. Fidesz harshly criticized the proposal and accused the European Parliament of trying to implement what they dubbed the ‘Soros plan’ which, according to Fidesz, is intended to facilitate mass migration to Europe.

Commenting on the draft in Magyar Idők, Zoltán Kottász accuses the European Parliament of trying to legalize uncontrolled mass migration into the EU. The pro-government columnist takes the decision to table the reform proposal as clear proof that the majority of MEPs want to force pro-migration legislation on all EU member states, in violation of their national sovereignty. Kottász wonders if that pro-migration approach is due to ideological commitment, economic interest or pure naivety. At any rate, Kottász suggests, the rise of anti-immigrant parties throughout the EU indicates that voters are not at all supportive of open border policies. In conclusion, Kottász predicts that Eastern European countries which oppose migrant redistribution in the EU will veto the new proposal in the European Council.

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