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PM Orbán’s memorandum to the EPP

A pro-government columnist welcomes Prime Minister Orbán’s call on the European People’s Party to return to its Christian conservative roots. A left-wing analyst thinks that PM Orbán is testing the EPP and using the opportunity to prove that he has become an important player on the European political field.

Opposition wins Dunaújváros by-election

A liberal commentator interprets the opposition victory in the Dunaújváros Parliamentary by-election as proof that opposition voters have no qualms in supporting any joint candidate, regardless of their ideological leaning.

PM Orbán forecasts a strong Central Europe

Commentators draw opposing conclusions from the Prime Minister’s speech on the 30th anniversary of the Romanian anti-communist revolution.

22-year-old appointed Assistant State Secretary

Opposition outlets find it abnormal to name a very young woman Assistant State Secretary for Youth, while a pro-government commentator accuses them of duplicity in condemning the nomination.

99 years of Trianon

On the anniversary of the peace treaty that dismembered the Kingdom of Hungary in 1920, a liberal historian suggests that Hungary should forget her victimhood complex, while a pro-government commentator expresses the fear that mass immigration is a threat comparable to Trianon not just for Hungary but for all European ...

Hungary’s ’African American’ opera singers

A liberal commentator describes the move of 15 opera singers to declare themselves African Americans to be able to perform Porgy and Bess as witty.

Flare ups in culture wars

After a pro-government historian complained that literature and the arts are still ruled by left-liberal pundits and called for a shift in attitudes, left-wing commentators accuse the government side of nursing dictatorial ambitions in the arts world.

Bill on foreign owned universities discussed in Parliament

A liberal columnist looks into the options CEU will have after the approval of amendments to the Higher Education Act tabled by the government.

Gyurcsány denounces ‘MSZP declaration of war’

As the leaders of the two main left-wing parties exchange blows, analysts and pundits across the political spectrum assess the chances of the Left at the 2018 election.

Top court rejects referendum on Budapest’s Olympic bid

  Liberal commentators portray Wednesday’s decision by the Kúria, Hungary's supreme court to reject a referendum on Budapest's bid for the 2024 Olympic games, as politically motivated.