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Hungary sides with the EU on Ukraine

February 23rd, 2022

As PM Orbán assures the European Union that Hungary ’is part of the joint EU stance’, media outlets are cautiously dramatic in reporting Russia’s decision to send troops into eastern Ukraine, after President Putin recognised the independence of the two breakaway regions.

hvg.hu reports the celebrations in Donetsk, with local Russians welcoming the diplomatic recognition of their republic by Moscow.

168 óra points out that Russian troops may move into the two breakaway Ukrainian districts at ‘any time’.

Info Radio stresses that President Putin of Russia describes Ukraine as a colony (of the US), with a puppet government directed from abroad.

‘Putin sends soldiers to the Donetsk basin’, runs the front-page headline in Magyar Hírlap.

Magyar Nemzet quotes Foreign Minister Péter Szíjjártó’s remark that ‘We must not give up our “last plus one hope” of a peaceful settlement’.

Klubrádió’s headline focuses on Prime Minister Orbán ‘siding with the European Union after Putin’s announcement that he will send troops to Donetsk and Lugansk’.

Népszava, the only daily to run an opinion column on the events on Tuesday, suggests Mr Putin miscalculated the impact of his moves. Foreign affairs commentator Tamás Rónay believes that Russia’s aggressive posture has bolstered NATO’s resolve and unity, and at the same time is helping the leaders of the United States and the United Kingdom to divert attention from their own internal problems.

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