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Macron’s presidency seen as an urban victory 

After Trump’s victory in the United States and the Brexit vote last year, a well-known Hungarian-American analyst interprets the outcome of the French presidential election as a cause for celebration for progressive forces.

PM Orbán invited by Donald Trump

In the first press comment on the phone conversation between President elect Trump and PM Viktor Orbán, a liberal commentator looks back at statements the Hungarian Prime Minister made praising the Republican nominee during the electoral campaign when Mr Trump was an underdog.

Trump’s victory divides the press

Commentators are sharply divided in their judgements of the result of the US presidential election.  Most of them nevertheless have Hungarian affairs in mind while writing about America.

President-elect Trump and Hungary

Although the President-elect of the United States obviously has no policy towards Hungary yet, a conservative analyst thinks that Viktor Orbán’s early support for his candidacy may have been noticed by his entourage.

Last comments before US Presidential election

Two conservative commentators express scepticism regardless of the outcome of the Presidential election in the United States. Both of them recall that Barack Obama started out with the promise of ending an era of armed interventions eight years ago but failed to fulfil that promise.

US Presidential election in focus

Just days ahead of the US presidential election, pundits in the leading Hungarian dailies and weeklies assess the possible impact of election victory either candidate on US foreign policy and global politics.

Wilson Center declines to host conference on 1956

The leading left-wing daily thinks the decision by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars not to hold a conference to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution, as proposed by the Hungarian Embassy, reflects  Washington’s dissatisfaction with the policies of the Hungarian government.

Hungarian political cleavages and the US Presidential election

The leading pro-government daily thinks that the Hungarian left supports Hillary Clinton’s candidacy because they hope that she will help them by criticizing the Orbán government. The leading left-wing daily contends that PM Orbán risks little by endorsing Donald Trump.

Anti-elitist revolution envisioned after Brexit vote

Encouraged by the result of the referendum in the UK, one right-wing pundit writes about an ‘elite-hating’ revolution, while another argues that liberal democracies are under the thumb of aristocracies.

The ‘soft power’ of George Soros 

Conservative columnists agree with the government that George Soros and his network are keeping the Hungarian government under pressure. A liberal and a centrist analyst accuse the government of fomenting hatred and creating conspiracy theories.