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George Soros seen behind criticism of Hungary

As a leading Cabinet Minister claims that Mr Soros is an influential force behind critical remarks by US personalities about Hungary’s policies, columnists are undecided about how serious the implications may be.

Ruminations on Donald Trump

A conservative blogger hopes that Donald Trump wins the presidency and defeats what he calls the ‘politically correct mainstream elites’. The leading left-wing daily thinks that Trump’s victory would have catastrophic consequences.

US Ambassador criticizes Hungary

Commenting on US Ambassador Colleen Bell’s concerns about the state of affairs in Hungary, pro-government columnists are in no doubt that the US wants to pressurize Hungary into submission. Left-wing pundits, on the other hand, criticize the Hungarian government's response and expect further US-Hungarian diplomatic skirmishes.

America wants policy change in Hungary

Commentators across the political spectrum agree that the United States wants Hungary to reverse the political course it has been following for the past few years. All place the recent American entry ban imposed on six Hungarian personalities suspected of corruption in this context. But they disagree on who is ...

Obama accuses Hungary of clamping down on civil society

After President Obama mentioned Hungary alongside Egypt as a county which intimidates NGOs, Népszabadság warns that those remarks were only the beginning and the worst is still ahead. Heti Válasz believes that the NGOs concerned are in reality liberal political activists, but condemns demonstrations of force against them.

Bajnai and Bilderberg – the plot thickens

A liberal weekly calls recent accusations by right-wing pundits against the Bilderberg Group conspiracy theories, while a pro-government commentator thinks the invitation to Gordon Bajnai this year may signal an intention to interfere in Hungarian domestic politics.

American Embassy on the Nazi Occupation Memorial

A leftist daily describes a statement issued by the US Embassy as another clear warning to the government, while its right-wing counterpart finds it strange that a the Embassy takes a view of a Hungarian issue.

Jeszenszky defended against racism charge

In the wake of the uproar over Géza Jeszenszky’s textbook, prominent Hungarians from the USA and some liberal commentators defend the Ambassador while a right-wing editorial claims he was attacked by enemies of the government for simply stating an obvious fact.

Is Klubrádió winning?

A left wing commentator welcomes a court decision which upholds the validity of a broadcasting license won by the left-wing talk radio, and cautions the Media Authority against filing an appeal.

Hungary gets its final notice from Brussels

Now that the European Commission has demanded a U-turn from Hungary in her legislative and political course, commentators ponder what the possible consequences are, who is at fault and what should be done.