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Hungary’s chances in the shifting global order

Pundits across the political spectrum speculate about Hungary’s role and opportunities in the international order that is emerging after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

President Áder to serve another five years?

A left-wing columnist believes that as the President’s term in office expires next year, both he and the Prime Minister may change their minds and opt for extending his stay in Buda’s Sándor Palace.

Le Pen at the gates 

As the National Front advances in the first round of the French municipal elections, pundits across the political spectrum try to assess whether the appeal of radical parties in Europe is a transient phenomenon, or if it is likely to stay.

Népszava urges opposition unity

A veteran left-wing pundit suggests that defeating the current government must be a priority for competing opposition leaders and should induce them to set their rivalry aside.

House Speaker criticised for fining protesting MPs

A veteran left-wing commentator admits that order and discipline are indispensable in parliament, but objects to extracting a substantial portion of the monthly salary of MPs as a form of punishment.

Trianon day

Commentators disagree on what lessons to draw from the post-World War I peace treaty.  The interpretation of national history has always been one of the main dividing issues between left and right in Hungary.

Conflict over Saint Stephen’s heritage

A right-wing commentator praises the Orbán government for continuing Saint Stephen’s heritage by strengthening the Hungarian state. A left-wing columnist, on the other hand, accuses the government of betraying the legendary Hungarian king's efforts to modernize the country, by weakening democracy and turning away from the West.